About Us

Young Nomads is a SEO Company led by Ayush Gupta from a emerging city Indore, based in Central India.

We are solely focusing on giving hyper growth to our clients through organic medium and make their business grow. 

Our team

Ayush Gupta

Ayush Gupta


He has worked as Software Developer with L&T Infotech for close to 3 years, after which he worked as a Digital Marketer for Startups & with leading Digital Marketing agency which has clients like Dominos, Big Basket, Urban Ladder, Cult Fit and many more.

You can connect with him through his LinkedIn profile.

Aditya Singh Rathore

Aditya Singh Rathore


Aditya believes in constant learning and inclusive growth. He has worked on data analytics and is fascinated by data-driven decision-making. He has captained various basketball teams and enjoys live sports. He is an avid reader of evolutionary science. He has also volunteered for NGOs and seeks collective betterment.

Helping Brands grow!

Ayush has worked with various companies from different sector like Software Companies, eCommerce, helping brands launch new products. Currently, the company is continuing with the same zeal and helping leading Edtech company like KopyKitab.com.

Clients of Young Nomads - SEO Agency

Tremendous Growth to our SEO clients

KopyKitab is scaled to 2.5 Million Users per month in 11 months from 0.5 Lakh users.

Clever Harvey is scaled by 32X in 7 months.

Many other sites are also scaled by Ayush while working in agency.

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