Best 7 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing in 2023

Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer

We as a digital marketers are heavily depended on various tools and analysis to devise strategies as well research purposes.
Ahrefs, Google Analytics, SEMRush, Google Adwords Research Tool and many more are frequently used however you need to present quick information, presentation and more in a day as a marketer to your client or managers.

These list of tools and chrome extensions come handy in these type of applications.

I have created this list based on my continuous usage for many years in row. I believe this will be of great use as well for you.

You can look for keyword volume, related keywords, page analytics, meta desc, meta title, take screenshots, record videos and more right there in your browser or on Google search.

I hope these plugins will make your life easier, efficient and save time to do more productive work by focusing on strategy, data crunching and other crucial business defining work.

List of Chrome Extension for Digital Marketers

#1 Keyword Surfer

As the name suggests it’s for Keyword Research. Helps you get the search volume right when you are typing in Google Search Box.

Keyword Surfer - A Chrome Extension for Digital Marketers.
Keyword Surfer

As you can see in the screenshot, you can directly look at the monthly keyword volume & CPC for keyword “Digital Marketing Course” right there in Google search bar.

What can be more cool than that?

#2 Page Analytics by Google

Official Plugin by Google Analytics products. Helps you to get the Sessions, Clicks of a particular page while you are surfing it. Very helpful for large eCommerce sites.

Page Analytics by Google - Chrome Extension for Digital Marketers
Page Analytics – Chrome Extension

I have blurred some confidential info.

But you can see lot of info through this plugin like on that particular page how many sessions happened in a particular time period.

You can also check number of users clicked on that particular link, like here 13% people clicked on homepage logo.

#3 SEO Meta in 1 Click

You can check Meta Desc, Title, Canonical and other stuffs of a particular page by just one click.

No need to open View Page Source.

Helps to confirm the progress of your SEO teams on page SEO implementation and progress.

You can also do quick random audit of the pages of any site. Lot of info in just one click.

SEO Meta 1 Click - Chrome Extension for Digital Marketers

As you can see in the above screen shot, I can clearly see the Title, meta description, keywords, other headers like H1, H2, H3, H4, images and more right through one click.

Really handy.

#4 Similar Web

Like to know what Competitors are doing?

This plugin will help you get info like Traffic Source, Paid Ads and other KPIs of the site quickly.

Many agencies while pitching for a client rely on this tool to do competitor research. This tool give a glimpse into a website’s different source of traffic and more.

#5 SERP Search Simulator

This one tool is for a company which is operating in different markets and eager to know where your sites are ranking for the important keywords in those Geo locations. Helpful for SaaS companies which are often operating in multiple markets.

#6 Web Vitals

After introduction of Core Web Vitals it has become crucial for all the companies to score well in this so that their ranking improves significantly.

With this plugin on a page level you can keep a tab on CWV easily.

Here is a screenshot for your reference.

Web Vitals - Chrome Extension for Digital Marketers and Developers

#7 Awesome Screenshot

Earlier I used to print screen paste it in paint and then save, upload in the document or article.

It is a long tiresome process.

With this tool you can do everything in browser.

You can take screenshot after a delay, take screenshot of full page, screen grab a particular section and more right from your browser.

You dont even need to download and save the image in local.

It saves huge time and recently they have added feature to record videos also.

They are expanding their features on a good frequency.

Wrapping Up

I sincerely think that these plugins will make your day to day life as a Digital Marketer, PPC specialist, SEO Specialist or whatever you like to call yourself.

I will be updating this list on a more frequent basis to bring more useful information to you guys.

Do comment below and let me know any new tool you guys feel is a great addition to this list.

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