Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Here are few of the top Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing that will help the Founders and Digital Marketers in SEO, Analytics, Keyword Research and Tech SEO.

As the name suggests it’s for Keyword Research. Helps you get the search volume right when you are typing in Google Search Box.

#2 Page Analytics by Google

Official Plugin by Google Analytics products. Helps you to get the Sessions, Clicks of a particular page while you are surfing it. Very helpful for large eCommerce sites.

#3 SEO Meta in 1 Click

You can check Meta Desc, Title, Canonical and other stuffs of a particular page by just one click. No need to open View Page Source. Helps to confirm the progress of your SEO team works.

#4 Similar Web

Like to know what Competitors are doing? This plugin will help you get info like Traffic Source, Paid Ads and other KPIs of the site quickly.


#5 SERP Search Simulator

This one tool is for a company which is operating in different markets and eager to know where your sites are ranking for the important keywords in those Geo locations. Helpful for SaaS companies which are often operating in multiple markets.


I hope it makes your job easy peasy and you can quickly take insights quickly.