Best Digital Marketing Books to Enhance Online Marketing Skills – 2020

Digital Marketing Books

There are many books which can help you shape your career in Digital Marketing and even gain broader Marketing skills.

I have listed down the Digital Marketing books which are recommended heavily by many readers as well as leaders in the industry.

The books are written by Philip Kotler, Seth Godin, Morgan Brown, Brian Tracy, Eric Ries, Avinash Kaushik, Ryan Holiday and so many more readers. 

The below list also has Digital Marketing Books in PDF format available on Kindle.

Wrapping Up

These are few of the best Digital Marketing books to read and learn about Marketing and also Digital Marketing from the leaders & doers. The writers of these books are accomplished in their field and high achievers. They have done a lot of research, execution and seen multi fold growth in their field or company.

I have read most of the books and remaining which I have not I will in some time. 


I request you to read and re-read these books to ingrain the knowledge and settle it in your sub-conscious so that whenever you are working it happens automatically and knowledge comes to execution.

Let me know in comment box if you really want me to add something in this list or have any other thoughts. 

I would love to hear about it. 

In case you are looking for Digital Marketing course online, I will be creating a list of it which you can refer to start learning quickly. 

And if you are from those people who like to learn in real classroom then we have created list of Digital Marketing Institutes in different cities to help you and start with. 

Check the list below. 

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