8 AI Tools  to Boost Productivity and Income

An end-to-end tool for training machine learning models without coding

#1 Liner

Image: Webthat.com

Uses AI to remove background noise, voices, and echoes from online meetings

#2 Krisp

Image: theresanaiforthat.com

Web scraping tool to extract data from websites quickly and easily

#3 Browse AI

Image: Appsumo.com

Generates high-quality images from text descriptions using AI

#4 Midjourney

Image: Indianexpress.com

Team collaboration and communication tool to keep all project-related information in one place

#5 Slite

Image: Slite.com

Email marketing platform for building and managing email campaigns

#6 Mailchimp

Image: Martechseries.com

Social media management tool for scheduling and analyzing social media posts

#7 Hootsuite

Image: Hootsuit.com

Project management tool for organizing tasks and projects visually.

#8 Trello

Image: agilityportal.io