8 Solid Advantages of SEO  For Businesses in 2022

Generate Quality Leads

Quality leads at a decent price is always a headache for any B2B, SaaS business. SEO gives that leverage of generating constant lead flow through organic traffic you get from Google or Bing Search Engines. You can write content according to search intent like purchase or information gathering and can generate super targeted leads.


Beat the Competition

Amazon, Flipkart, IndiaMart, Justdial ranks for millions of queries. They are able to beat their competition in many categories and stay ahead of them for a longer period of time by ranking for commercial keywords. These companies are easily beating their rivals.


Level Playing Field

Companies which are big in your segment have many advantages like better supply chain, heavy discount and what not. This makes life difficult for small and medium enterprises. Correct? But SEO & a right content strategy puts you directly in front and parallel to your biggest competitior within few months. This gives you leverage to bring business from SEO. I believe this is a HUGE help for you.


Enhances Trust & Credibility

A site which ranks on first page of Google get high credibility from the prospect. So you better focus your resources making the UI, UX and keyword placements better.


Helps in your PPC Campaigns

Many companies just focus on PPC for lead gen or online sales. There will be a time when CPC will be to high and unaffordable. Avoid this by having a solid SEO strategy. Start implementing it along with your PPC campaigns. Focus on keywords where it is hard to outbid your competition.


Brand Awareness

Through SEO you can focus on the each stage of the funnel. This spreads awareness among your prospects when they are just researching about the product. For example, some one looking to buy a washing machine and just doing research online will search something like - "Best front loading machines under 20000" or  "What to look for before buying a front load washing machine." If you are ranking for these keywords and providing right info, it spreads awareness and even when that person go offline to purchase you have increased chances to be in the decision.


High ROI

According to many studies the ROI of SEO efforts over a time horizon of 3 years is high. FirstPageSage computes its average ROI for SEO at 748% from its campaign data over three years. Similarly, Terakeet shows the SEO ROI for its clients is between 5x and 12.2x (500% and 1,220%). Thats huge. Isn't it?


24X7 Marketing


Whenever prospect is searching related to your service or product your company ranks. You don't have to pay extra. During peak hours the CPC of many campaigns go up. That's not the case with SEO. You rank almost every hour if you are ranking well for long time. Unlike paid campaigns you don't have to monitor SEO campaigns that frequently. This no one highlights but this is a huge advantage. 

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