Best 8 SEO  Companies in India

Young Nomads

Founded by Ayush Gupta who is in Digital Space for last 10 years and consulting companies like KopyKitab, Clever Harvey and more for SEO and Product Marketing.

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Page Traffic

One of the leading Digital Marketing agencies in India, also dealing SEO. They have offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chicago and London. Some of the leading clients are HCL, OLX, Intuit.


Brain Candy

A 6 years old SEO company having offices in Mumbai and Dubai. Some of the leading clients are Subhash Shinde, Stitchphile, Smartinfoloigks etc.


Scale Delight

A Mumbai based Digital Marketing company which also deals in SEO. They provide services for eCommerce SEO, SaaS SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, International SEO etc



SEO agency is based out of Bangalore and serving clients for last 10 years. The company is serving clients like mFine, HDFC Realty, Paytm etc



Another Bangalore based SEO company. Serving clients for 10+ years now.



It is one of the leading agency in India with services in Social Media, SEO, Performance Marketing. Founded by Jyothi 10+ years back have headcount of more than 150+ employees and presence in 3 Indian cities.


Vistas Ads

Company is into Digital Marketing, Web Design and more. They are in existence since 1997.  They work in Content Marketing, SEO services like eComm SEO, International SEO, tech SEO.