Top 10 Chrome Extensions to Supercharge ChatGPT

– Youtube Video Summary – Full Youtube Video Transcript – Have limitation to it as you cannot      add API Key

#1 YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

#2 ReaderGPT

– Generates summary of any   readable web page using ChatGPT   with just a single click – Summarize any readable web   page be it blog, news article – 50,000+ Users and 4 out 5 ratings   from 43 users.

– You can write messages within   Gmail or any other app – Easily help in writers block   400,000+ Users and 4.7 ratings from   534 users.

#3 ChatGPT Writer

– No list of Chrome Extension for   ChatGPT can be complete without   adding AIPRM – More than 1 Million users – 2500+ Prompts for different   Usecases like SEO, blog writing, and   many more


– 2 Million users – ChatGPT response along with Google   search results – Supports all popular Search Engines l  like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo =

#5 ChatGPT for Google

– Commenting is a vital strategy to   create personal brand on LinkedIn – You can create responses using   chrome extensions – 30,000+ users

#6 LinkedRadar - OpenAI ChatGPT For LinkedIn

– This is by far looks one of the best   chrome extension using ChatGPT – You can use it on almost any website   be it YouTube for video summary,   LinkedIn for composing replies and   many more. – 600,000+ users

#7 Merlin ChatGPT Assistant for all Websites

– Prompt management made easy   with this chrome extension – You can save prompts easily in your   local desktop, star your favorite   prompt   and much more – Community prompts, so that you can   easily take inspiration from others

#8 Superpower for ChatGPT

– 100s of Pre-Built Prompts from   Productivity, SEO, Coding, Marketing – 4.9 out of 5 by more than 500 users   and 70,000+ users – Much like Merlin you can use it in   Google Sheets, LinkedIn, trip planning   or any other site


– Much like HARPA, AIPRM, Merlin you   have saved templates and you can   utilize pre built ones – Display response from ChatGPT   alongside Google, Bing, Ecosia, Baidu,    DuckDuckGo and popular search   engines – 200,000 Users, 4.4 ratings out of 5 by   300+ users

#10 ChatOnAi - Unlock the power of ChatGPT4