Scientists who Changed the World!

Niklaus Wirth is best known as the designer of Pascal.

#1 Niklaus Wirth

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Creator of MySQL

#2 Michael Widenius

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Created  Amiga Computer operating system kernel, from which the technologies for multi-tasking personal computers were developed

#3 Carl Sassenrath

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Invested language - Ruby on Rails

#4 Jason Fried

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Known for free software movement. Best known for launching the GNU Project, a Unix-like operating system composed of free software.

#5 Richard Stallman

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Created PHP. Used for more than 35% of websites.

#6 Rasmus Lerdorf

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 Developed the popular C++ programming

#7 Bjarne Stroustrup

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Wall created the Perl programming language while working at NASA.

#8 Larry Wall

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Author of Python Programming Laungauage.

#9 Guido van Rossum

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Created  BitTorrent, the first file-sharing program to use Cohen’s own peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent protocol

#10 Bram Cohen

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Cofounder of Mozilla and created JavaScript programming language.

#11 Bram Cohen

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 Created the WEB and CWEB programming systems, the TEX computer typesetting system, and the METAFONT font definition language and rendering system.

#12 Donald Knuth

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