10 Examples of Creative Ways for developers to Use ChatGPT 4

Convert text prompts into 3D visuals with Unity Editor.


3D Design

Quickly and easily create simple games like Snake and Pong.


Mini-Game Creation

Use ChatGPT as an AI helper to debug and educate.


Code Debugging

Identify vulnerabilities and do quality assurance for app security.


Finding Vulnerabilities

Automate tedious tasks with custom extensions.


Creating Extensions

Transform hand-drawn sketches into complete websites.


Sketches into Websites

Generate extensive reports and visualizations in a fraction of the time.


Copilot Microsoft Excel

Get customized language explanations and role-playing scenarios.


Learning a Language

Create chatbots for websites or integrate with Intercom for customer support.


Customer Service

Analyze transactional data in a cost-effective way.


Transactional Data