7 Digital Marketing Agencies in New Jersey

#1 Rapunzel Creative Marketing Agency

Lynn Gregorski founded Rapunzel Creative Marketing Agency and has been known to offer digital marketing solutions. The company is involved in strategizing marketing and advertising campaigns.  The prominent services offered by the marketing agency are Graphic design, website design, video production and affiliate marketing etc.


Based in New Jersery, USA, Incore digital media was launched with the idea of helping scale the mid-size businesses.  The services offered by the company include web design, web hosting, SMM, SEO, PPC, CRO, Marketing Automation etc.

#2 Incore Digital Media

#3 Kraus Marketing

Nick Kraus founded Kraus Marketing in 2008 in New Jersey as a product agency for small to mid businesses. The key services offered by Kraus Marketing are branding, web design, video and integrated digital marketing.  The major services served by Kraus Marketing are health, aviation, real estate, entertainment, logistics etc.

#4 Colussus Media Group

Colussus Media Group was founded by Rocco and Dom Santamaria at the age of 14.  The major industries served by the company are fitness, food service,  Education, Laundry, Home Services and Entertainment & Recreation. The top products offered by Colussus Media group are content creation, website designing, digital marketing etc.

#5 Ballantine

Founded in 1966, Ballantine is one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in New Jersey. The major services offered by Ballantine are Direct Mail, Digital Marketing and Design & Development.  The major industries served by Ballantine are Travel & Hospitality, Publishing, Higher Education, Health Services, Contractors, Professional Services, Auto Dealerships and SaaS.

#6 PCG Digital

PCG Digital was founded by Brian Pasch and is one of the leading digital marketing agencies of New Jersey.  The company has a bunch of talented people ranging from Analysts, Leaders, Creative Writers, Researchers and Certified Experts. The main expertise of the company includes core PCG strategies, social advertising, consulting and solutions etc.

#7 Young Nomads

One of the leading digital marketing company established by Ayush Gupta offering marketing solutions.    The company has handled clients like KopyKitab, Clever Harvey, Mercury Global and more and helped them in scaling their business to 2.5 mn organic  hits.