Best 8 Digital Marketing Companies in Detroit  [2022 List] 

#1 KARMA jack

Founded in 2017, Joel Sellentine, the company has focused on brand-based strategy for profitable returns.

#2 WebFX

This is a tech-backed company that strives to offer result-oriented website solutions.

#3 The Outlook Group

he company works with a brand strategy when it comes to media planning, reporting, and analytics.

#4 Hexagon Creative

The company has a team of experts that offer solution to clients on Branding, SEO Marketing, PPC, copy writing etc.

#5 EM 360 Marketing

The company has devised a content marketing solution offering expertise in social media marketing.

#6 The Growth Shark

Founded by Coury Docutte, the company has managed to climb the ladder of success with their content-driven solution.

#7 Verde Media

The company has an expertise in offering services in web development, social media marketing etc.

#8 Young Nomads 

Developed by Ayush Gupta, Young Nomads has helped companies like Kopykitab, Clever Harvey, Hyreo etc to grow their organic traffic.