Edtech SEO  8 Solid Actionable Guide for generating Organic Traffic

Site Structure

Foundation of the structure needs to be super solid to with hold humongous amount of traffic. All important pages should be just 3 clicks away from home page. That's the rule of thumb. You need to keep the product pages under proper Categories. Categories have to be rightly defined. Follow a pyramid structure, or look for some established competitor, they might have done it correctly.


Technical SEO  

Create accounts on Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster and submit your site. Tech SEO stuff like Robots.txt file, create dedicated sitemap for blog, images, videos, optimize Core Web Vital, improve site load time and more.  This basic hygiene will help you a lot.


Site Load Time

A load time of 1 seconds can lead to increase in profits. There is in depth study done by Amazon on the impact of load time on sales. So you better keep that as minimum and fast as possible. Whatever you have done in Tech SEO will also help increase the performance of site. Bounce Rate will be positively impacted too that will send strong signal to Google and increase your overall avg organic site rank.


Basics SEO

Keep the basics of your site up to date like SSL certificate, HTTPS, Contact Us page, Privacy Page, Terms and Condition Page, About the company, services and more. All of these are important for ranking a site on Google. This is a very basic hygiene check. Hope you have already done this.


Content Marketing

Content can bring hell lot of business for you if done correctly. You need to cover a topic holistically and connect all the blogs with each other. This web of content on your site will give a strong signal to Google about the authority you have over the topic. Within few weeks  after you cover the whole topic properly you will start getting organic traffic from Google, Bing and you will observe week on week increase in organic traffic.


When everyone is writing about the same thing, how will I get results in competitive market?

Many times we get this question while advising a content strategy. Answer to this, is the way you are going to write, that uniqueness, will bring freshness in the topic and that is what Google wants. You can also beat competition with a strategy I am explaining in next slide.


SkyScrapper Technique

Give a more detailed overview than your competitor in your niche. Write blogs as detailed as possible. Add more facts, figures, infographics, charts, images, videos to increase the depth of the content. Google will reward this extra mile you have gone to create content.



This will be your friend. Keep them close. You have few dedicated Schemas for Edtech companies by Schema.org like #1 Practice Problems #2 Course #3 Ebooks  and more.   Implement them and help Google know about the content you are presenting on your site. They will reward you with tons of traffic.


Karma Technique

This is a principle I talk about in SEO. You make these 2 'people' happy. They will make you happy. #1 Google Every time you think of any strategy just imagine how this is going to impact Google. Whether she is going to love it? #2 User If you make user happy, Google will be impressed in most of the cases. In return you will get what you want.


Instant Indexing

If you want your pages to be indexed fast by Google you can do it using a Indexing API by Google. If you are using a WooCommerce site, you can install a plugin and the steps are given online. Else hire a developer to do it for you. This will help you index your pages within hours. It is a serious competitive edge.


If you want some one to do it for you. We are here.