Nxyz - A Startup focused on Blockchain Search

Image courtesy - Greylock Partners


First the company launched neeva.com and now a new search engine just focused on Web3.

background Image courtesy - Techcruch

Sridhar Ramaswamy

An IIT Madras graduate and ex Google Ads Head is veteran techie and has been working on Neeva for last 3 years.


Sequoia, Paradigm, Coinbase, Greylock are the investors who led Series A round of $40 Millions.

Why is this interesting?

Web3 is evolving and new decentralised finance, tech companies are emerging daily. A search engine built on Web3 will be interesting as we know the power of  a search engine company.

User centric approach

the company claims to have user centric approach where they dont track you to serve ads. The same approach is also taken by other search engines like Duckduckgo but this is a Web3 search engine.

What a Web3 Search Engine crawl

NFTs, Wallets, Users, Collections and more. Basically anything that is hosted on blockchain network.

Team behind the Web3 search engine

Chief architect is Sridhar who has spent 15 years at Google and was partner at Greylock. Vivek Raghunathan who has also worked at Youtube.

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