How to hire SEO Expert?  [Guide 2022]

Right SEO can make your business or otherwise. It's critical to know right questions which you must ask before hiring a  SEO Consultant or expert.


A complete no brainer. But  it is important to ask the results with screenshots. What worked for the other business? Is the same strategy applicable to your business? You need to know results in detail and how she reached there.


Discovery Call

SEO expert will setup a discovery call to understand what you want from her. You might be looking for adjustment in on page SEO, or may be tech SEO, a fresh content strategy to target commercial keywords for sales or increasing only organic traffic to capture total addressable search market. To understand your specific requirement a good SEO expert will have a call with you and she will ask pin pointed question. She has asked pin pointed question which have made you uncomfortable, I feel that's a good sign.



Get a sense of what she is planning to do in next 3 months. Is it just On Page? Is it combination of On Page and Content? Is it On page, Backlinks and Content all three? Is it just CRO for you at the moment? Where you can be in next 3 months from now? This will help you understand the knowledge, plan and strategy SEO expert have.



Ask who will be working your project. Is it only her or the there will be set of team she has? If there are juniors under her who are going to work then met them. Get to know them. Expert might be great but the team might not be that great.



Get a basic audit done by SEO expert of your website and SEO. This way they will highlight the potential errors and shortcomings you have in strategy and site which you probably are also aware about. Another way to understand the knowledge of SEO Expert.


Where to find SEO expert online?

We have covered what questions you can ask. Now check the portals where you can search them - #1 LinkedIn #2 Twitter #3 Upwork


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