SaaS SEO  8 Solid Actionable Guide for generating Organic Leads


Keep the basics of your site up to date like SSL certificate, HTTPS, Contact Us page, Privacy Page, Terms and Condition Page, About the company, services and more. All of these are important for ranking a site on Google. This is a basic hygiene check.


Brainstorm Customer Persona

Since you have developed a software to solve a problem for set of people you are already aware about your target audience. Now create a customer persona and write in detail about the problem they are facing , how a day to day life looks like of , what is their age group, are they male or female etc..


Content Marketing

Based on the customer persona create content marketing strategy. You need to cover a topic holistically and connect all the blogs with each other. This web of content on your site will give a strong signal to Google about the authority you have over the topic. Within few weeks  after you cover the whole topic properly you will start getting organic traffic from Google and you will observe and week on week increase in it.


When everyone is writing about the same thing, how will I get results in competitive market?

At times, whenever we advise content strategy we get this question. Answer is the way you are going to write, that uniqueness, will bring freshness in the topic and that is what Google wants. You can also beat competition with a strategy I am explaining in next slide.


SkyScrapper Technique

Give a more detailed overview than your competitor in your niche. Write blogs as detailed as possible. Add more facts, figures, infographics, charts, images, videos to increase the depth of the content. Google will reward this extra mile you have gone to create content.


Technical SEO  

You need to create an account on Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster and submit your site. Do basic Tech SEO stuff like Robots.txt file, create sitemap, optimize Core Web Vital, improve site load time and more.  This basic hygiene will help you a lot.



For most of the SaaS companies the target group is active on LinkedIn.  You need to make a killing presence on LinkedIn and share all your blogs on it. All the case studies you guys are creating. Everything has to go on it.



For many queries you must have seen tweets in the Google result page. This means that Google gives certain weightage to Twitter/tweets. You need to share content through Twitter this may appear in result page. Also it will give strong signals to Google to rank your page.