Sublime raises $9.8M to revolutionize email security with its innovative platform!

Sublime, an email tech startup based in Washington DC, has secured $9.8 million in funding.


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The company has emerged from stealth mode after spending a year in private beta.


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Sublime has big-name customers, including Spotify.


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The startup has created an open email security platform to help prevent email attacks.


The platform allows users to write, run, or share rules in a universal domain-specific language.


The funding round was led by Decibel Partners and Slow Ventures.


The company's founders and security operators also participated in the funding round.


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Sublime aims to provide a collaborative approach to email security.


The platform leverages the expertise and context of security professionals to better protect organizations.


Sublime's goal is to improve email security and prevent email attacks by making it easier for users to create and share effective security rules.