Top 5 D2C startups which got funding in Shark Tank India.

Color Me Mad got a deal of 40Lakhs for 25% equity from Namita Thapar

Wakao Food got a deal of Rs 75 Lacs from Vineeta, Namita & Ghazal.

Alpino which deals in Peanut Butter got offer from 4 sharks but owners didn't accept the deal.

PawsIndia which is in Pet Category got a deal from Anupam of Rs 50 Lacs for 15% equity.

The SaaS Bar is unique Soap gifting company which got deal from Anupam and Ghazal of Rs 35 Lacs for 35% equity.

These are few D2C company which got funding from Sharks.

Crucial driver for these D2C startups is Digital Marketing.