Top digital marketing companies in Atlanta

#1 M16 Marketing

Founded By Don Dodds in 2013. They helps clients put together a winning strategy tactics like SEO and content development. Their major clients are PIEDMONT PARK CONSERVANCY, TRAVEL Incorporated, AT&T JOHN DEERE..

#2 LYFE Marketing

This Company was founded By David Lefkovits in 2011, They offer Social media services, SEO, Email marketing services, and more. And serves clients like Sullivan university, IDC & TaxSpeaker BillDeWees, Vega, STREAMSHIFT PoolTree, FunParkGo and many more..

#3  AIS Media

This Company was founded in 1997 and Experties in Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, PPC Advertising and serves  clients like Augysta Medical System, Drop Deck Depot & Biotheranostics.

#4 Lenz Marketing

With a 30-year history marketing healthcare, Lenz often works with private equity–owned clients like SouthCoast HEALTH, FLORIDA CANCER SPECIALISTS, VIRAL SOLUTIONs and many more.


With a 20-year of service. They Have Experties in Event Production, Video Production & Creative Services. Their major clients are Live events makers and Content creaters.

#6 Trajectory Web Design

This Company was founded in 2005 with experties in Web Design, UX, Content Strategy, Mobile Design and many more and they serves Clients like Agency672, Accord Ventilation, Excelerra & Cellofoam.

#7 Hughes Media

This Digital marketing agency that specializes in web development, SEO and social media, Founded in 2000 and  serves clients like Mat Tech inc., Sunshine Recycling, FOUR SEASONS PLUMBING.

#8 The Kool Source

This company was founded in 2009 and having specialties in  SEO, Local search marketing, PPC and many more. and they serves clients like ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE, AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION & AIMA

#9 Young Nomads

If you need organic traffic then reach out to Young Nomads, who have helped companies like KopyKitab, CleverHarvey and more to scale their organic traffic.