Top 6 SEO Company in Bangalore (2022)

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One of the leading company of India dealing with clients like Zoomcar, Reliance Trends, DocssApp, Nova IVF, Spar Hypermarket etc. Needless to say their capabilities in SEO and digital marketing are great.



The company deals in UI/UX and other services of Digital Marketing like SEM, social media along with SEO. They have presence in USA, Australia along with Chennai and Bangalore. 


Tech Magnate

It is a leading SEO company based out of Bangalore. They have clients from across different industries. Some of key reputable companies are Honda, Mahindra, Monster, Airtel, Reliance etc

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They provide niche SEO services like eCommerce, SaaS, Local SEO, Tech SEO and more. Their base is Indore but providing services in Bangalore, Bhopal, Mumbai, Gurgaon and also in US.



SEO company in Mumbai since 2002.  Their services apart from SEO includes Hosting - domain, Apps development and more.


Page Traffic

This company is covered on our site many times as they offices or presences in many cities. Some of their SEO clients are Beadcity, lastminute, Stellar, etc.


Vistas Ad

They do a whole lot of SEO services like local, ecomm SEO, SEO for small business, tech SEO, link building services, app store optimization, content marketing, video marketing, creative advertising, and more.