What is  Digital Marketing & How it Works 

by Ayush Gupta

The newest form of reaching out to potential and existing customers through online medium is in crux Digital Marketing or Online Marketing.

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What is Digital Marketing ?

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and more falls in Digital Marketing bucket.

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What are types of Digital Marketing ?

Performance of Traditional Marketing like print or radio is difficult. Online marketing campaigns can be measured and tweaked at click of buttons. 

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Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

We will take example of Content Marketing(SEO) and Performance Marketing. This will make you understand how online marketing works.

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How Digital Marketing Works ?

Content or blogs you publish to educate your audience about the products or services you offer on a broader level falls under Content Marketing. These blogs are then picked up by Google to match with users query and a relevant user reads your blog is basically falls under SEO.

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Example #1

Content Marketing (SEO)

One of the widely used channel to increase sells and leads online is performance marketing or paid marketing. Basically you start campaigns on Google search engine or different website to show ads to relevant audience by selecting proper targeting.  This in turn helps business generate sells.

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Example #2

Performance Marketing

To learn more about Digital Marketing you can read latest blogs from Young Nomads.

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These are 2 examples of Digital Marketing and how it works.